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What Does a Public Adjuster Do?

A public adjuster is an insurance professional who works independently on behalf of the policyholder (you) to help settle an insurance claim and get the best payout possible. 

When making an insurance claim your insurance provider will typically provide with you an adjuster at no cost to you, while a public adjuster will charge a fee since they have no relationship for the insurance agency and work directly on your behalf. 

Things to Consider When Hiring a Public Adjuster

It’s important that you hire an experienced public adjuster who knows what they are doing. Don’t be afraid to ask for references, check online reviews, or even ask what their qualifications are. A quality public adjuster will not be hesitant to provide these to you.

You should also only work with an adjuster that you sought out. Be wary of an adjuster who shows up on your front stoop the day after a storm hits your area. 

Public adjusters are state-licensed professionals, they are meant to be an advocate for you, so it’s important that you hire one who is qualified to do the job, and will work with your best intentions in mind. 

Types of Adjusters

As previously mentioned there are multiple types of insurance adjusters. 

Staff Adjusters are those who have been hired by your insurance company and typically work within the company itself. 

Independent adjusters are contact employees that have been hired by insurance agencies to handle claims. 

Public Adjusters are not associated with the insurance agency in any way and are hired by the policyholder, therefore they work directly for the individual to ensure they are paid the proper amount from the insurance company.

Deciding if You Need a Public Adjuster

If you are feeling overwhelmed by your insurance claim, have a complicated, or a large claim or feel like your insurance company is taking advantage of you, a public adjuster can make all the difference. A quality adjuster will discuss your current claim and will help you determine if they can assist you.

If they feel they cannot help you, in many cases, the public adjuster will give you some advice on what course of action you should take. If you’re unsure of whether you need help from a public adjuster, the best thing you can do is call and ask, in many cases, they can quickly assess whether or not you will benefit from their services and it will take the guesswork out of your hands. 

The Duties of a Public Adjuster

Remember, the public adjuster is working as a representative for the policyholder, which means their objective is to navigate every stage of the claim process and advocate for your best interests. 

The public adjuster will assist you in filing your claim, give you advice on what to do, and help you manage your claim. While they are working to attain the best possible outcome for your claim you can focus on other tasks while they handling insurance negotiations.

Here are some of the duties assumed by the public adjuster on your behalf:

Determine Coverage

They will assess and examine your insurance policy to ascertain what level of compensation is applicable to your claim.

Inspect Damages 

Next, they will investigate damages done to your property and take note any extra expenses you incur. They will record and validate all the damages associated with your claim.

Gather Evidence

Any evidence that is needed for the insurance company will be recorded, documented, and substantiated by the adjuster on behalf of the policyholder.

Estimate Losses

The adjust will evaluate any losses to your home, business, or personal property and come up with a monetary estimate needed from the insurance company to cover the damages.

Negotiate on Your Behalf

Lastly, the adjuster will present the evidence to your insurance company and will negotiate on your behalf before settling on a payout amount settlement with your insurance company.

If any disparity is found in your settlement, the public adjuster can reopen or renegotiate the claim on your behalf. They can also give you advice on the best next steps to ensure you receive a fair settlement. 

Contact Maximum Public Adjusters Today

If you have an insurance claim for damages to your home, business, or other property it’s important that you act quickly to ensure you get the most favorable and fair settlement. Hiring a public adjuster will make the insurance process a lot less stressful for you as the policyholder. It will also give you the peace of mind that your insurance claim is being handled by a professional who is looking out for your best interest.

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