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If you’re unsure about how Maximum Adjustment Inc can help you with your insurance claim, please read the frequently asked questions and accompanying answers in the section below. Should you have additional questions or wish to schedule a same-day appointment and house call, contact us today.

We employ the best licensed and certified appraisers and inventory specialists in the industry. Before you engage our services, all parties will agree to a fee that doesn’t exceed 12.5% of the insurance settlement as per New York State law. If you’re not satisfied with our services, there’s no fee!

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Questions & Answers

We are a fully independent insurance adjustment organization with no affiliation to any insurance agencies. Our public adjusters are experts at collecting the most money possible for insurance claims based on your unique policy and home or office issue.

We will work through the entire process, from the origin of the problem through the final settlement. We have significant experience in protecting policyholders from being taken advantage of.
Processing your claim quickly is one of our most important priorities. We can interpret the complex language included in your insurance policy in a timely fashion to best represent you and help you earn your settlement. By doing this, we can explain to both you and the insurance agency the exact stipulations of your policy and why the insurance agency is not abiding by them.

Insurance companies recognize that adjustment agencies will be more of a force to answer to than typical policyholders who do not fully understand how to communicate with insurance agents.
Nothing! If we are not able to increase your settlement from an insurance agency, then you won’t pay us any money. It’s a win-win situation! In situations where we are successful in recovering money from the insurance agency, we will charge a percentage of that settlement.
Contacting a public adjuster immediately after your home or office accident occurs is the best way to maximize your return and minimize your stress during this process. Informing us of your need early on in the process will prevent you from having to go back and forth with the insurance agency because our agents are able to fully realize the value of property damage quickly and efficiently.

Even if your insurance agency has already given you the value of your damages, we can still negotiate that number to a higher value as long as you have not signed a notarized final release. After reopening the claim, we will alert the insurance agency of our inspection and present our findings.
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